TYRANT is a consulting firm specializing in space design, space branding and space management based in Hachioji City, Tokyo.

In addition to space design including architecture, interior design, and landscaping, we devise and realize the ideal form and use of spaces through space branding to bring out the value of each kind of space, and space management for formulating and implementing a management plan for the continuous use of completed spaces. With an emphasis on history and tradition, we work with our clientele to use innovative methods to create and maintain spaces given new value.


・Space Design
We are a comprehensive architectural design, interior design and landscape design firm.

・Space Branding
We maximize unique space values and establish a brand that suits the space.

・Space Management
We handle everything from the formulation and implementation of management plans to publicity and producing events for the continuous use of the spaces we design.



Headquarter Bunshu Bldg 2F 2-27-6 Myojin-cho Hachioji Tokyo 192-0046 Japan
Tel : +81-42-649-3255
Fax : +81-42-649-3256

Found : 2012
Capital : 3,000,000 JPY


Kunihiko Matsuba
Principal of TYRANT Inc. / First-class registered Architects

Born in Tokyo in 1979. After graduating from a postgraduate school, Kunihiko Matsuba started his own design office without first gaining the experience of working at a design office. He is unique in that his first design project as an architect was a public cultural facility.

His specialties are the restoration of historical buildings such as traditional Japanese storehouses called kura and Japanese houses, and the design of public spaces. His works have been highly acclaimed internationally. His activity was introduced by various overseas media including the UK general magazine, The Independent and magazine SURFACE : Asia edition. His recent activity includes design supervision and consulting for commercial facilities and lodging facilities, and space branding management.

He has been writing a series of articles called “Outsider Architect” for web magazine PARTNER. In the web magazine, he has one-on-one talks with many famous people including Yo Shitara(BEAMS) ,Hitoshi Tanaka(JINS), Hiroshi Onishi(Isetan Mitsukoshi), and Akihiro Nishino(Picture Book Writer).

1979 born in Tokyo Japan
2005 received the master degree, Tokyo University of the Arts
2007 founded TYRANT Architects
2012 established TYRANT Inc.
2015 part time lecturer of Kogakuin University

2003 Second Prize,Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2003 (Shinkenchiku-sha,JP)
2004 Finalist,Quaderns International Housing Competition in Catalonia (Quaderns,SP)
2005 Winner,Mosaic Foundation Architectural Competition (Mosaic Foundation,USA)
2011 JCD Rookie Award,JCD Design Award 2011 (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association,JP)
2012 International Architecture Award 2012 (The Chicago Athenaeum,USA)
2012 Merit Award,11th Yoshinobu Ashihara Award (Japan Association of Artists Craftsmen and Architects,JP)
2015 Design for Asia Award 2015 Bronze Award (Hong Kong Design Centre,HKG)
2016 Second Prize,The Competition for Roadside Station in Chigasaki City (Chigasaki city,JP)
2017 Silver & Bronze,10th Annual International Design Awards (International Design Awards,USA)
2017 Small Firm of the Year Award in Commercial and Industrial Architecture,AAP 2017 FIRM OF THE YEAR AWARD (American Architecture Prize,USA)
2018 BEST100,JCD Design Award 2018(Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association,JP)
2018 Selection,DSA DESIGN AWARD 2018(Japan Design Space Association,JP)