We aim to create a new architectural style that creates new values by "floating," "warping" and "sharpening."

TYRANT is a Hachioji-based design firm that specializes in building design and interior design.We create buildings completely different from others using such methods as "floating" and "warping." In addition, we analyze the history and environment of a planned construction site for each project, find the elements that must be utilized, and "sharpen" them, ultimately aiming to create a building that can only be established at that very site.


I think that the day will come when people live outside the earth in the near future or distant future. When such days come, the environment surrounding mankind must be completely different from that of the earth.

For example, you may feel gravity that is, however, less than half what you feel now. If so, it is reasonable to think that a building is afloat from the ground and can float and move around. Then how can you say that is still a building? Currently, it is impossible to make a physically floating building on earth. But we can take the first step for those days to come sometime in the future.

To be specific, we aim to design buildings that have minimum contact with the ground or other volumes and cause us to feel that they are floating.


Simply stated, I feel modern architecture, which is one of the origins of the present architecture, has been about "regularity and logicality." To be sure, movements occurred trying to pull out of such a trend in this tide of the times. Examples include post-modern and deconstruction. It is difficult to clearly express these movements, but if I venture to say, I believe it had been about "arbitrariness and emotionality." "Distortion" in our definition is a technique that attempts to impart irregular spatial features such as deformation or sloping to a concept like a grid system or the condition of being flat or vertical, which is considered a normal and regular one in architecture, thereby ultimately modifying it. The fundamental factor is regularity or logicality intrinsic to what is distorted. Distorting it therefore creates a situation that is seemingly arbitrary and emotional. I believe the potential of novelty or originality is hidden there.


Suppose there is a plan, which may be interior design or renovation or even construction of a new building. It is, however, impossible to take on any such plan based on nothing. For example, the planned site has its own history, record or surrounding environment. They are all unique to that site—none the same. The use purpose, function or budget of that plan is also unique to itself.

Therefore, when we make careful and detailed observations of the plan or the planned site and find elements that should be "sharpened," we will be able to find a unique technique that is suitable for that specific project.