M House


M House

Completion : 10.2021
Location : Tokyo
Use : House
Client : confidencial
Photo : Tomoki Hirokawa

This renovation plan for a condominium located in central Hachioji, Tokyo, aims to create a neutral space for contemporary art and furniture that has been collected over many years.



With a future conversion into a rental property in mind, the layout remains mostly unchanged to retain the existing 2LDK floorplan for high versatility. On the other hand, the use of finishing materials, residential equipment, and lighting fixtures that are of a higher grade than most condominiums creates a high-end living space.

The inclusion of black as an accent color amid the primary colors of gray and wood tones creates a quiet and calm space. While elements such as the flooring and TV stand, which will remain unchanged over the medium to long term incorporate high-end materials, the use of easily replaced vinyl wallpaper allows for lower-cost repairs when renting.

While the existing brown doors with panels and glass have been retained to preserve the retro feel, the lever handles are painted black for a sharp look. The lighting fixtures include brackets, spotlights, downlights, and pendant lights to best match the purpose of each, but the color temperatures are kept at 3000K throughout for a consistently warm lighting design.

Through a remodeling approach that keeps much of the original floorplan and functionality unchanged but makes full use of detailed design techniques throughout, we have created a space with new value comparable to a full renovation.